Examples of What We Can Do:

Janie is on disability and cannot help herself when it comes to rescuing cats. She has trapped a homeless cat; rescued an abused cat; and took in an abandoned cat. This last one she did not think she could keep. However, after it was neutered, this slightly wild cat started curling up with her at night as well as getting along with the rest of the cats. She kept it. These are just a few that Critter Care has helped.

We are nearing 1,500 spay/neuters - Please help us and people like Janie eliminate the pain and suffering of companion animals by reducing the number of litters and homeless pets.


A Day in the Life of Critter Care

Spay/neuter requests that were granted

  1. Betsy has counted 3 female and 2 male stray cats hovering around her place. She cannot afford to neuter them all; Critter Care is assisting; but, Betsy is also contributing to the cost.
  2. Brenda's husband is undergoing treatment for cancer and is commuting to KU Med Center. Yet she is concerned about the 5 stray cats in her neighborhood. We reduced our usual rate, so Brenda is only paying $3.00 to the veterinarian. Critter pays the rest of her bill.
  3. Jamie took in a female cat from a friend who could not take care of it. But Jamie is not much better off. She needs cat food, but she also wants to get her cat spayed. Critter Care is picking up the cost.
  4. Melody cannot make ends meet. Although she is working part-time at minimum wage, she needs help with spaying a female cat. Critter Care is assisting; but, Melody is also paying a fair share of the cost.
  5. Anne needs help with 2 female cats. She also needs food for them. Critter Care is picking up the tab for the spaying clearing her way to get food.
  6. Nick is on disability and has a female dog. The dog has had one litter and he cannot afford to get her spayed. He just heard about Critter Care. A "litter" late, he now is going to make sure his dog does not have another unwanted litter.

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